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"Not long after my husband was elected Governor of the State of California my Father, a San Diego resident, fell ill with a life threatening disease. I needed someone in the San Diego area to assist me with many of the challenges my Father’s failing health presented. As much as I was there to deal with the many issues related to my Father’s fragile condition, there were several other matters that I could not handle on my own. Enter Marilyn; not only was she compassionate and kind, she swiftly and efficiently tackled each problem that arose. She saw to it that my Dad had in-home care, was transported to medical treatments that I couldn't attend and kept me informed of all that was going on.

My Father thoughtfully established a living trust prior to his illness. After his passing, as the surviving Trustee of my Father’s estate there remained a number of important matters that were all but overwhelming. Marilyn assisted me through this very challenging time with her wise counsel and extensive resource of professionals to handle everything. She was always available to give me advice and helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life and for that I am most grateful."

Sharon Davis, Former First Lady of the State of California

"My attorney suggested that I select Marilyn Kriebel to be the Trustee of my Trust and to make her my Agent under my Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. When I first met with Marilyn I knew right away that she and I would work well together and that I could count on her to make thoughtful health care decisions for me. She made me feel confident that she could not only manage my financial affairs but would take a sincere interest in making sure that my personal needs were met as well. Due to my failing sight, I had Marilyn take over my financial affairs almost immediately after we met. Eventually I took Marilyn up on her offer to arrange for assistance with my personal needs. Marilyn had assured me that she had someone in mind to assist me that would be perfect. She was right! Marilyn introduced me to a member of her team, Madeleine. I can't tell you what a delight Madeleine is and what a difference her assistance makes in my life. I can recommend Marilyn and her staff without question."

Dorothy Hover

"In 2003 my Aunt was in need of a conservator and Marilyn was chosen to fill that role. Since 2003 Marilyn has overseen my Aunt’s personal needs, health care and finances. Marilyn and her staff have provided my Aunt with exemplary care which has enriched my Aunt’s quality of life. In the fall of 2012 my Aunt will celebrate her 102nd birthday. There is little doubt that my Aunt’s longevity is in part due to the care and attention she receives from Marilyn and those Marilyn has selected to provide my Aunt’s care. Marilyn has done a skillful job dealing with the many demands that are placed on her in her role as a Professional Fiduciary. In my experience with Marilyn, I have found her to be someone I can depend on. She is willing not only to listen to my concerns but to provide responses that assure me that my Aunt’s best interests are consistently Marilyn’s goal."

Claire P.

"When my dear friend Marie passed away Marilyn became the Successor Trustee of her Trust. I was one of the beneficiaries of Marie’s Trust. From day one, until the final distribution, Marilyn kept us informed and let us know what to expect, was available for clarifications, and when dealing with obstacles and personalities, she was impartial, diplomatic and most of all always professional. I am very impressed with her performance and if I or anyone close to me should ever need the services she provides, I will certainly call on her."

H. Arteaga

"In recent years my Mom’s health and ability to care for herself and her financial affairs has declined. As Successor Trustee of my Mom’s Trust and the Agent under her Health Care Power of Attorney, Marilyn has insured that my Mom has been provided with top notch in-home care and that my Mother’s financial affairs are protected and professionally managed. I appreciate that she is shouldering the responsibility of the many health and financial issues that require constant attention. In my experience with Marilyn I have known her to be thorough, thoughtful, attentive and knowledgeable. I would gladly recommend Marilyn’s services to anyone considering having a professional manage their affairs."

James Barta

"My family presented some unique challenges for Marilyn to handle as Successor Trustee of my parents’ trusts. These challenges were the reason that previous Trustees declined to continue to administer these family Trusts. Over the years Marilyn has not only met the challenges, she has set standards and expectations which have served to eliminate the disputes that had previously arisen. As a beneficiary I have been delighted with the information that Marilyn supplies and the responses she provides to my inquiries."

Brooke T.

"Prior to their deaths, my parents established several different Trusts of which Marilyn is now serving as Successor Trustee. Each of these Trusts has different terms and provides income to me based on different standards. Over the years, as my personal financial circumstances changed, I have appreciated Marilyn’s willingness to consider my changing circumstances and find ways that Trust assets can help address my financial needs. In the event the terms of the Trust prohibit an expenditure that I have requested, Marilyn provides me with an explanation that includes a reference to the Trust. Likewise, when the Trust terms support my request, Marilyn promptly provides me with an explanation and makes Trust assets available to fulfill my request. Marilyn has proved to be a great choice as the Successor Trustee of my parents’ Trusts."

L. B.

"Ms. Kriebel is very knowledgeable on issues concerning claims of breach of fiduciary duty and surcharge. In using Ms. Kriebel as an expert on such cases, to address the standard of care for Trustees and other Fiduciaries, I have found her work to be excellent, to the point, and she presents very well as a witness."

James J. Brown, Attorney, Goodwin Brown Gross & Lovelace, LLP

"Years ago, a disabled man’s son used his position as his Father’s Trustee to loot his Father’s trust and steal his Father’s money. The Probate Judge appointed me to represent the Father. I recommended Marilyn as the new Trustee, and the Probate Court appointed her. Over the next several years, Marilyn chased the son through San Diego’s probate courts, the federal bankruptcy courts and – finally – New York’s Surrogate Court at which she recovered real property that was sold for cash to benefit of the Father. Marilyn was detailed, tenacious and tough, and did a great job for a gentleman who had been wronged by his own son."

Ralph E. Hughes, Attorney, Hughes & Pizzuto

"As a CPA I have had the pleasure of working with Marilyn on numerous tax related projects. These projects can get complicated, and I have been impressed with Marilyn’s ability to recognize, understand and address tax issues. I believe that her ability to understand and help resolve tax issues is part of what makes Marilyn a skilled Professional Fiduciary. When the opportunity arises, I do not hesitate to recommend Marilyn."

Stephen J. Brownell, CPA, Lindsay & Brownell

"When selecting a Professional Fiduciary, I highly recommend the services of Marilyn Kriebel. Her more than 25 years of experience as a Professional Fiduciary make her uniquely qualified to serve as a Fiduciary.

I have been practicing law in the probate field for over 35 years, and Marilyn Kriebel is unquestionably one of the best Fiduciaries I have worked with. She can handle difficult family circumstances and personalities. She is great with tax issues, great with understanding complex business and financial issues and excellent at explaining to others what she is doing and why. I highly recommend her."

Judith M. Copeland, Attorney, Copeland & Tierman

"I am a corporate and real estate attorney and have worked with Marilyn for more than five years on a wide variety of transactions. Some of the transactions on which I have worked with Marilyn have been straight-forward and others extremely complex and sophisticated. In each case, I have been extremely impressed with Marilyn’s intelligence, compassion for her clients and common sense approach to the many issues that arise as a Professional Fiduciary. When dealing with complex legal issues, Marilyn has an uncanny ability to understand what is truly important, separate the "wheat from the chaff" and to fashion practical and favorable solutions for her clients. I highly recommend Marilyn as a Professional Fiduciary."

David S. Minton, Attorney, Solomon Minton Cardinal LLP