Agent Under Power of Attorney for Healthcare

"My attorney suggested that I select Marilyn Kriebel to be the Trustee of my Trust and to make her my Agent under my Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. When I first met with Marilyn I knew right away that she and I would work well together… Eventually I took Marilyn up on her offer to arrange for assistance with my personal needs…Marilyn introduced me to a member of her team, Madeleine. I can't tell you what a delight Madeleine is and what a difference her assistance makes in my life."

Dorothy Hover

Marilyn and Dorothy

When named as an Agent under a Power of Attorney for Healthcare (also known as a Healthcare Directive) executed by an individual (the Principal), Marilyn can be authorized to:

  • Determine appropriate living situation for the Principal giving priority to the Principal’s preferences
  • Arrange for in-home care and assistance for the Principal in their home
  • Promote the Principal’s health, well-being and quality of life
  • Oversee the quality of care the Principal receive if living in a care facility
  • Supervise and train in-home caregivers
  • Make decisions concerning and be an advocate on health care issues in accordance with the Principal’s stated wishes and best interests
  • Arrange for home maintenance
  • Inspect home to insure the Principal’s safety and comfort and arrange for modifications to home as needed to insure the Principal’s safety and comfort
  • Arrange, as required, for personal needs such as housekeeping services, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments, visits with family and friends, social outings and entertainment