Guardian of Minor’s Estate

"Prior to their deaths, my parents established several different Trusts of which Marilyn is now serving as Successor Trustee. …Over the years, as my personal financial circumstances changed, I have appreciated Marilyn’s willingness to consider my changing circumstances and find ways that Trust assets can help address my financial needs. Marilyn has proved to be a great choice as the Successor Trustee of my parents’ Trusts."

L. B.

When serving as Guardian of a Minor’s Estate, Marilyn’s responsibilities include:

  • Collecting and investing the assets belonging to the minor
  • Paying authorized expenses for the minor
  • Filing periodic accountings of the financial activity of the guardianship estate, as required by law
  • Arranging for the preparation and filing of the minor’s annual income tax returns
  • Pursuing or defending legal actions on behalf of the minor
  • Addressing other financial, legal and tax issues that might arise