Fiduciary Services

"I have been practicing law in the probate field for over 35 years, and Marilyn Kriebel is unquestionably one of the best fiduciaries I have worked with…She is great with tax issues, great with understanding complex business and financial issues and excellent at explaining to others what she is doing and why."

Judith M. Copeland,
Attorney, Copeland & Tierman


As an experienced fiduciary, Marilyn is available to assist with financial management in a number of different ways. Following are just some of the roles Marilyn is qualified to assume:

Guardian of Minor’s Estate >

A guardian of minor’s estate is an individual appointed by the court to manage the finances of a minor.

Conservator of the Estate >

A conservator of the estate is an individual appointed by the court to manage the assets and financial affairs of an adult (called the conservatee) who has been deemed by the court to lack the ability to manage their assets or who otherwise needs protection or assistance.

Administrator/Executor of a Decedent's Estate >

An executor or administrator is an individual who has been appointed by the court to administer the estate of a deceased person.

Agent under a Power of Attorney for Asset Management >

An agent under a power of attorney for asset management is someone who has been designated by someone (the Principal) in a General Power of Attorney document to handle the financial affairs of the Principal. The authority to manage financial affairs begins at a specific time or following a specific occurrence and ends on the death of the Principal. A principal with capacity may amend or revoke the power at any time.

Trustee of Trust >

A trustee deals with the management, administration, and safeguarding of assets held in a Trust. The primary concern of the trustee is to ensure that the trustor’s stated wishes and best interests are served through administration of the Trust.

Conservator of the Person >

A conservator of the person is appointed by the court and responsible for overseeing the quality of life and medical care needs of an individual.

Agent Under Power of Attorney for Healthcare >

An agent under power of attorney for healthcare operates under a similar arrangement to the agent under power of attorney for assets management, but the focus is on managing the medical needs of the person who signed the Power of Attorney.