Conservator of the Person

"In 2003 my Aunt was in need of a conservator and Marilyn was chosen to fill that role. Since 2003 Marilyn has overseen my Aunt’s personal needs, health care and finances. Marilyn and her staff have provided my Aunt with exemplary care which has enriched my Aunt’s quality of life."

Claire P.

When acting as Conservator of the Person (Conservatee), Marilyn will:

  • Determine appropriate living situation for the Conservatee giving priority to the Conservatee’s preferences and taking into consideration the Conservatee’s financial resources and health care needs
  • Arrange for in-home care and assistance for the Conservatee in their home
  • Promote Conservatee’s health, well-being and quality of life
  • Oversee the quality of care Conservatee receives if living in a care facility
  • Supervise and train in-home caregivers
  • Make decisions concerning and be an advocate on health care issues in accordance with the Conservatee's stated wishes and best interests
  • Arrange for home maintenance
  • Inspect home to insure Conservatee’s safety and comfort and arrange for modifications to home as needed to insure Conservatee’s safety and comfort
  • Arrange, as required, for personal needs such as housekeeping services, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments, visits with family and friends, social outings and entertainment