Conservator of the Estate

"My family presented some unique challenges for Marilyn to handle as Successor Trustee of my parents’ trusts…Over the years Marilyn has not only met the challenges, she has set standards and expectations which have served to eliminate the disputes that had previously arisen."

Brooke T.

When acting as Conservator of the Estate of an adult (Conservatee), Marilyn's responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and collecting assets belonging to the Conservatee
  • Collecting and handling income of the Conservatee
  • Overseeing the investment of the Conservatee’s assets and when appropriate utilizing the services of an Investment Advisor
  • Working with the Conservatee or family member to create a monthly budget
  • Selling assets when appropriate or necessary
  • Overseeing the maintenance of real estate
  • Filing periodic accountings of the financial activity of the conservatorship estate with the court, as required by law
  • Arranging for the preparation and filing of the Conservatee’s annual income tax returns
  • Addressing other financial, legal and tax issues that might arise