About Marilyn

"Not long after my husband was elected Governor of the State of California my father, a San Diego resident, fell ill with a life threatening disease. I needed someone in the San Diego area to assist me with many of the challenges my father’s failing health presented….Enter Marilyn; not only was she compassionate and kind, she swiftly and efficiently tackled each problem that arose."

Sharon Davis, Former First Lady of the State of California


An Experienced Advocate with a Personal Touch

In 1980, Marilyn graduated with honors from the University of San Diego Legal Assistant program with an emphasis on Estate Planning and Probate. Both during and after her time at USD, Marilyn worked as a Probate Legal Assistant in the probate departments of several prominent San Diego law firms. While working at these firms, Marilyn drafted legal documents associated with the administration of Guardianships, Conservatorships, Probate Estates and Trusts, and also assisted the named legal representatives (Guardian, Conservator, Executor and Trustee) with their responsibilities.

Early Career Experience

In 1985, Marilyn started an independent probate legal assistant firm, which provided probate paralegal services on a contract basis to local attorneys. Through this business, Marilyn worked with more than 200 different attorneys in San Diego and continued to develop her expertise in the administration of guardianships, conservatorships, probates and trusts.

A Difficult Challenge

Soon after beginning her firm, Marilyn accepted her first court appointment as Administrator of a decedent's estate. Initially thought to be a simple probate estate administration, this estate proved to be anything but.

The decedent had operated an accounting firm and was preparing income tax returns and investing the retirement funds of his trusting clients, primarily senior citizens. Marilyn quickly discovered that the decedent was actually running a Ponzi scheme and had squandered the funds of the clients who had placed their faith in him on his extravagant lifestyle.

As part of the administration of this estate Marilyn operated a business, sold a business, sold real estate, reconstructed the financial records associated with the funds that had been entrusted to the decedent for investment purposes, communicated with the more than 50 individuals who had lost their life savings, reviewed and acted on the claims presented by the investors, worked with local law enforcement, and worked with the Internal Revenue Service in connection with the fraudulent income tax returns filed by the decedent.

Focused on Future Growth

Since resolving that first case, Marilyn's business emphasis has been on her work as a private fiduciary. Through her firm, Marilyn has handled more than 400 matters. Her staff includes two full-time, in-office assistants, and her field staff includes a Geriatrics Specialist and a Medical Case Manager.

Marilyn is licensed by the State of California as a Private Professional Fiduciary and is a member of both the Probate Section of the San Diego County Bar Association and the Professional Fiduciary Association of California. She was recently appointed to the State of California Judicial Council's Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee.